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How to make: Cowboy Coffee

Great tasting coffee in the morning, during a picnic or at any other time is bliss for most people and giving you the energy to get up and do those extra miles.

Cowboy Coffee is probably one of the oldest ways of making coffee and very simple and requires very little equipment.

You only need a pot to boil water in, water and ground coffee. That’s all …no filters, machines, french press equipment etc. And that is the best way to save weight …to do without a lot of stuff.

Fill the boiling pot up half with water, make a steady boil and fill in the coffee ground. Beware it will create a lot of foam for a bout 30 seconds. Make sure you can take off the boiling pot from the heat as more heat gives more foam. After about 30 seconds the foaming stops and you can take off the boiling pot from the heat and let it rest for another 30 seconds till the coffee grounds settle on the bottom of the boiling pot.

And this great tasting cowboy coffee is ready for being served …,


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  1. Am ready to share a cup!!!!!

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