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Multipurpose: Olive Oil & Apple Cider Vinagre

Ultralight Backpacking has more things to it than just getting light gear. One of them is finding stuff with more purposes. Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinagre is some of them. I choose to put them in 33 cl and 25 cl water bottles because they are smaller and more leakproof than their original containers.

Here is a list of some of the purposes these two things can have …

Apple Cider Vinagre:
– Washing and conditioning hair and beard
– Body wash
– Washing clothes (wool, have not tried cotton and synthetics)
– Cooking
– Lowering blood sugar before going to bed
– Removing odour from shoes and feet

Olive Oil:
– Cooking
– Skin moisturising and cleaning
– Hair and beard pre-wash conditioning
– Softens hard or cracked skin on your feet

…so depending on what you have in your backpack, you can make a calculation on how much you can save and how many grams you can save by using this af multipurpose products.

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50 cent meal: Stinging Nettles with Wild Fennel and Rice

Yet another adventurous meal from the field kitchen. To scale down on the amount of rice and up on the amount of greens …Stinging Nettles became a thing. And to lighten up the flavour Wild Fennel with its fresh licorice taste.

2 liters of Stinging Nettles
2 cups of Wild Fennel
1 cup of Rice
1 teaspoon af Salt
½ dl of Olive Oil

I was making a steady boil of the Singing Nettles and Wild Fennel to cook out the stinging of the nettles. Adding rice salt and oil and let it cook til the rice is tender.

This dish becomes very rich and creamy from the Stinging Nettles, and fresh from the Wild Fennel …and it has a delicious gourmet like taste!

The gear I used:

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A deliscious 50 cent meal for two: Wild Fennel Rice

I just made a new dish and it’s obvious to call it “Wild Fennel Rice”. I came up with a new idea, or challenge, to live from nature (almost). Always carrying only rice, olive oil, apple cider vinagre and salt as permanent ingredients in my backpack …the rest I have to find in nature. So here is the first dish of that project. No

Wild Fennel Rice

2 cups of rice
6 cups of water
1 handful of chopped young stems and flowers from Wild Fennel
1 tbsp. salt
2 spoons olive oil

Pour it all into a pot and boil it til the rice is done …and serve …and enjoy! …it’s really delicious!