Apple – MagSafe Battery Pack


This battery pack is magnetic and snaps to the back of your MagSafe compatible iPhone (12+) and wirelessly charges your phone without any cables. That is very convenient for walking.

You can also charge both your phone and the battery at the same time and though only need one charger for both battery pack and phone.

With Apples 20 Watt charger it charges the battery and phone and normal speed. And with the 30 Watt or higher it charges both at high speed. That is 5 vs 14 watt wireless charging.

It does not have a really big battery capacety and is not the best if you want to charge the bettery and then use the battery to charge the phone. It works better to charge both battery and phone, to have extra battery for the way. It charges an iPhone mini up to 70% and an iPhone Pro up to 60%.

Weight: 113 grams / 3.99 oz
Capacity: 11,13 Wh (1.460 mAh at 7,62 V)