Camino Ninja App in Portuguese (Português)

When I finished this this January’s winter camino and arrived in Santiago de Compostela (in February), I checked in to this new albergue called Albergue SIXTOs no Caminho. I saw it last year when they were building it and it looked promising. So, I checked in, and already from the name (no caminho) I guessed it was either Portuguese or Brazilian owned. And I, and everybody else, got the warmest welcome from the Owner Orlando Sixto. Him and his brother Ramiro spend a lot of time making a really nice albergue and rethinking everything a little bit better. Orlando is also skilled with technology, and when he saw the Camino Ninja App, he was excited. And he promptly suggested to do a translation for all the Brazilian and Portuguese pilgrims. So here it is!

So if you see Orlando Sixto when you come to Santiago de Compostela, please say hi and thanks!

Enjoy, and Buen Camino!