Camino Ninja is being continued

After the sudden death of Andy, the developer of Camino Ninja, there were a few months of time, when nobody had technical and legal access to the Camino Ninja App.

From March 2023 on, the famous app is being continued by me, Peter Eich.

Besides being a pilgrim myself, I am founder of the german company Jakobsweg-Zentrale. Together with my team, we are running the leading German website about the camino, which is We do also operate an online-shop for pilgrims,, which is fulfilling way more than 10.000 orders per year. We do also employ several developers, who have been working on the app Camino Love (formerly called CaminoCamino), focussing on more than 200 different caminos throughout Europe.

This background enabled us to rescue the beloved and helpful app Camino Ninja.

Since there was no kind of manual left behind for us, we had to (and partly still have to) reverse-engineer everything about the Camino Ninja app.

This was a slow process, that took way much longer than expected.

But by the beginning of 2024 we finally brought the app back to both app stores of Google and Apple.